Finally, all set in the new house in Oxford!

I joined Tollef here last Monday, and so far so good. My first impression of the house was far better than expected, it's a bit worn but absolutely ok. There's a few things that need fixing, the landlords will bring some furniture and paint the walls, and I think it will be really nice here when all that is in place.

Of course, the first days always goes to get things settled, like figuring out where the nearest food store is, the bus stop, pet shop etc. Wednesday night came the moving company with all our things, and not to mention our bikes. Flat as England is, bikes are a good way to get around. Already two hours after delivery, I biked to Barton, about 15 mins from here, to attend the first dancing classes at Oxford Swing Dance Society. Contrary to Norwegian classes, they start teaching 6-beat steps without the triple steps, so it was a bit different from what I am used to. I started out with the basic class, but will follow the intermediate class from next week on. Then we're going to learn 8-beat steps with the triples!

I miss Odin, and I am convinced he'll like it here. He'll get his own corner in the living room. Since Sunday he's been staying with Linn-Ingunn and Nila, until yesterday, when he moved to Matija and his wife. Thanks for taking care of my baby! I worry a lot about his paw, probably more than he does himself...

Today, one of the landlords showed up with a wardrobe and a chest of drawers, so I got to unpack my clothes. They also painted the rooms downstairs. Right now there's some guy here that's supposed to change our cooking top for a new (it was completely broken, we discovered when trying to make dinner yesterday), but the new one appearantly doesn't fit.

No photos yet, I have ordered a new camera which will hopefully turn up early next week.