Each year, the Debian-UK barbecue is held at Steve McIntyre's house in Cambridge. In order to see people, I took the bus over on Thursday, worked a bit out of the Collabora office, met up with some people there I hadn't met before and generally had quite a nice evening. Colin Watson also called me and we met up for beer in the evening.

On Friday, we had breakfast at a cafe down the road, said goodbye to Christine, Daf's girlfriend who were going back to the US and I got to borrow her bike. At work, I rewrote most of the accounts database and added a load of checks to make it work better and hopefully be more flexible so it can do what we want it to, properly. Learning a bit of pg/PLsql was fun too. Robert McQueen and I were supposed to head out for curry somewhere, but ended up not, and had just made some food when Daniel and Rob showed up. Went to bed far too late.

Saturday morning, the back tyre of the bike was flat, so Rob biked off to a nearby bike shop and got it fixed for me. I'm not exactly sure what we did during the day, but we met up at Steve's house in the afternoon sometime and ate, drank and were merry until the wee hours of the morning. Sunday proceeded somewhat similar, but I went to Steve's a bit earlier and we went home a bit earlier too, after playing Mario Kart and mostly doing quite well doing so. Amongst crazy ideas we had were my idea of using Mao as a metric for how good they're at debugging.

Monday was reserved for breakfast and punting. Nobody fell in and the weather was splendid. What more is there to ask for? Had dinner with Neil, Doree, Steve, Jo and Simon (and a couple more). Very nice and good food with a bit of green bits after weekend was quite useful.

I've taken a few (not many) pictures, they will appear at some time.