First week in England

I've now been here for a week and got quite a lot accomplished:

  • We have a house (or at least, almost, contract still needs to be signed)
  • I've been to London to drink beer with friends and acquintances. Very nice.
  • Some of the surrounding area here has been explored, both to the north and the east. Beautiful countryside, very easy to bike in.
  • As we are buying a car, I'm going to have a few driving lessons.
  • I have applied for an account in a bank. Hopefully all that goes through and I will have somewhere to put my money.
  • On Wednesday, I met up with a local DD and his wife and had some beer. Excellent fun.
  • In the local pub, I managed to beat the bartender at dart, at least once (out of two times). This made me really proud as I suck at darts and haven't played for years.

The house is located in Headington, which is slightly to the east of Oxford.


Map showing house

This week, I'll get the contract signed and travel to Cambridge to attend the annual Debian barbeque. In addition, I'll have my first driving lessons here. It'll be an interesting week, I hope.