We got a car!

Most of the weekend we biked around Oxford to look at used cars. Starting out a little late in the afternoon on Friday, we checked in on any car dealers we saw along the way to the city center (with a good detour), but didn't really find any very interesting cars. Most of them were too expensive for our budget and compared to the ones we had looked up on the Internet. On Saturday we called up a car dealer that we had seen had a Ford Fiesta, and made an appointment to look at that one. We tried the Fiesta, and also an Opel (or Vauxhall, which is the UK equivalent) Astra that seemed like a lot better buy. We got home and checked up on insuranse and everything, but when we called to say we had decided for the Astra, the guy had sold it!

Very disappointed, we searched the Internet for similar Astras, and found a couple not too far away. On Sunday we made an appointment to have a look on one of them, and to make a longer story short, now it stands just around the corner of our house. It's a newer model than the first one (2000 vs 2003), but it's also been going longer. Anyway, we're happy to be done with it, and will head off for Cambridge on our first weekend-trip this first Thursday.

On Monday, I went to the city centre to get a Resident Parking Permit, so we can park in our nearby area. After getting some visitors permits, as I needed some more papers for the resident ones, I went to explore the city centre and find some recruitment agencies. I found three, that all asked me to email them my CV and references, but hopes of getting any job with my (lack of) experience are pretty low. Well, I'll just apply for everything that comes along.

Before I was to be headed for Headington to pick up the car, I got some lunch and just wandered around. I saw the sign of the Sweet shop that Jo's wife mentioned the other day, and decided to go in to some backyard-marketplace. The first thing meeting me was "Shake away". I love milkshake, but in Norway you only get them at McDonalds and Burger King, so I had to try them out. Not too bad. They also had a vacancy, unfortunately it was full time only. :( I walked further in, and came into some roofed market. I got a taste and bought some sweets in the sweet shop, and then went on through the market. There were a western shop, another milkshake shop (!) and a lot of other things. I didn't have the time to explore further, so that's on my list for another day.

I hope to get my camera today also, so I can start getting photos from around. Besides, we got REAL internet now. Our server will also soon be up, and hopefully some ip phone system, so we can get cheap calls to (and from) Norway.

Oh, and in the evening, I went to the local dog training club to watch their courses. It's a bit different from how we do things in Norway, but it will be nice to have someone to train together with. I've contacted the other club also, hoping they have more organised training than simply courses.