A visit to Redwings

Last Sunday, we went on a trip northwards, past Banbury, to a small place called Oxhill. There, a horse rescue organisation called Redwings has one of its centres. We adopted one of their horses, Boo, two years ago and even though he doesn't live in Oxhill, it was a good excuse for a day trip. We wanted to pick up some lunch on the way, and I had planned for us to stop in Kidlington, but as fate (or rather, the GPS) had it, we didn't pass through Kidlington and I almost forgot all about lunch. We got to Banbury, but the first pub we ran across only had carvery that day, and we didn't feel like that. The Italian restaurant next door was a bit pricey, so we ended up just picking up some sandwiches at the petrol station down the road.

Armed with fuller stomaches, we set off once more and got to where the GPS told us the centre was supposed to be. Except, there wasn't a sanctuary there, just a place selling coal. We couldn't immediately see anything, and we started looking for a map on our phones, but also decided to just go a bit farther to see if it was just along the road somewhere. Just as I found it on the map, Karianne spotted it.

They had a small visitor centre/shop there, where you could buy everything from post cards and books to chocolate and stuffed toys. The horses, ponies and donkeys are kept in large paddocks outside. We had a walk around and said hi to some of the horses, but as they were being fed at the same time, they weren't particularly interested in us.

Nothing really exciting happened on the way back. I fought a bit with the GPS to get it to route us via Oxford centre, and it somewhat did, so we at least got a drive-by of some of the areas we hadn't looked at before, particularly to the west of the river and train station.

Karianne and donkey