Our English life is coming along. We've figured out Tesco (the supermarket, which also has gas stations, insurance and misc other branches), tea, left-hand driving, jobs, and generally getting used to the English way of living. Last Thursday, Odin finally came by plane from Norway. There were a few problems on the way, but he got here and seems happy enough in his new home. We've discovered a few of the parks in the area already.

I have been working for over a week now, and love it! The place and people are lovely, and the horses, of course. I'm still not completely into the routines of working a couple of hours in the morning (from 7:30!) and then an hour again in the afternoon, but it gets better every day. Getting up in the morning is not really a problem, and I feel less tired after work than I could expect.

Odin has come with me a few times now, and seems to settle very well on the farm. Today he met Elsa, the labrador who lives there, and fortunately they came along quite well. Odin's a lot more interested in the squirrels though, and pops through the fruit garden to the field to check if there are any squirrels where he saw them the last time he was here. They are too quick for him, and luckily he gives up quite soon when they get to the treetops.

When he doesn't chase squirrels, he helps out with the stable work:


A nice view of Oxford from Southpark: