I've got a job!

After a week in Oxford it was clear that my chances of getting any job within office/reception/archivist work was quite non-existing as I don't have any working experience in those areas. So when I saw the local Sub-way advertising for extra help 2 hrs a day during lunch rush, I dropped my CV and hoped for the best. After the interview on Thursday my hopes were up, but I checked the job ads anyway. And somewhere between the phone sales and accountancy jobs, there was a "part time help with horses needed". I called them up, and got a meeting the next morning. The stables were on a private old English farm with stone buildings, a fruit garden and large field around. There were two ponies and four horses, a very nice labrador, and of course the very nice owners of the place. I realised it's a once-in-a-lifetime chance, and called up in the afternoon and said I wanted the job if they'd have me. They was to interview another candidate this morning and call me afterwards.

I grabbed a "Horse and Rider" magazine on Tesco (the local supermarket) and couldn't wait to get the answer. I was pretty nervous about not getting it, when I turned down the offer from the Sub-way. As all the blog readers have understood from the start, I got it! Starting this Tuesday at 8 o'clock in the morning, half an hour later than I will start normally. The first week I will work together with the owner to get to know everything (and the English terms for it), and then it's off on my own. I will be there a couple of hours in the morning to feed and let the horses out and clean the stables. In the evening I go back to get the horses in and give them their dinner. Initially there's no riding, but I will have opportunities for that as well. Every Monday it's handicap riding with authistic children. It will be a very different year in a very different job but I'm in no doubt it's going to be fun and healthy! And even better, I get paid more than I would at Sub-Way.

To mention that as well, we were a short trip in London in the start of the week. Tollef were working (for LinproRedpill, in Canonicals offices) Monday and Tuesday, and I came after on Tuesday for socializing, sightseeing and shopping. I got to see some new museums (none historical, not that interesting really ;) ), have dinner with Dagfinn, and do some shopping.

On Tuesday, I had a horrible shopping experience. I had been recommended the pet shop on Harrods, Pets Kingdom, and found my way there. They had a lot of more or less interesting things (very nice coats, puzzle games, beer for dogs, and most of it was expensive. I got to the back part of the shop, and there, in a glass cage, they had two Lhasa Apso puppies for sale! There was a sign about the animals being from serious breeders, that they come with all vaccinations and vet's papers, BUT WHAT SERIOUS BREEDERS PUT THEIR PUPPIES OUT FOR SALE IN A GLASS CAGE ON HARRODS? Pups that age should be running around in gardens and exploring the world and fighting each other! I was so shocked by the sight (I barely noticed the kittens in the next cage), I just turned and went straight out, fighting back my tears.

Wednesday was a lot better. I found a nice new corset, and, not intended but very much needed as my army boots is worn out, a nice pair of green Dr. Martens boots.

After getting home from London on Wednesday we've been all busy with the house and job hunting. We've gotten the oil tank filled, a decent electricity system installed (instead of the pay-as-you-go system we initially had), and gotten our stuff a bit more organised. Next Thursday Odin will come, and I miss him so much and longs for him every day. There are so many nice parks and green areas around, and he will join me on work also. We're getting settled in England!