A Christmas party

Monday a week ago, Collabora had its Christmas party in Cambridge. Lots of people had taken the trip from other places in England, and so did we. Getting to Cambridge was a small adventure in itself. First, we made a silly detour while going to Bletchley Park, then we had too little time at Bletchley itself. We only got to look at the B block, which houses the Enigma machines and the story of the "Bombes", the electro-mechanical machines which helped break the Enigma codes. Luckily, the ticket is valid for a year, so we can go back and visit the Colossus museum and other bits later.

After we left Bletchley, we ended up getting stuck in traffic, a few times over. We ended up getting into Cambridge more than an hour later than expected. A quick change and a taxi ride later, we got to the Felix hotel where most of the crowd already was busy sipping champagne. Some hours later, food had been consumed, drinks had been had and Karianne and I found ourselves in a taxi en route to Christian Schaller's house. He's one of the directors of Collabora Multimedia and a fellow Norwegian. We had a few drinks there before Karianne headed home and the rest of us headed to Robert McQueens place. I hung out there for a couple of more hours and had good fun before walking back to the hotel for a couple of hours of sleep.

Tuesday, Karianne went shopping and got some tops and skirts while I worked a bit before we had some excellent pizza lunch at the Cow. Some other Collaboreans joined us too, in various states of hungoverness. A short, but very nice visit. Good to see people again.