Bristol and Thame

I had the Saturday off when Hanne was here, and we went to Bristol to see the new aquarium there and the German christmas markets. The aquarium was quite nice, if not as grand as the one in Ålesund. Odin came with us, and while Tollef and Hanne watched an IMAX movie about whales, Odin and I did a bit of training and sniffing (most of the latter, really) in a very nice square nearby.

After seeing the aquarium we walked up to Bristol Cathedral. I guess it was nice enough, but somewhat a diappointment to me and Tollef after having seen Ely and Canterbury cathedrals. Then we had some cornish pasty before we walked through Bristols main shopping street and the German christmas market. It was really a bunch of stands selling sweets, hot food and some christmas decorations, and a few stalls selling mulled wine and beer. We had some mulled wine in one of them and it was nice, apart from that it had started raining. On our way home the rain came pouring down, and it was a quite tiresome drive back.

Last weekend we had a nice and slow time, just having a Saturday trip to Thame, a nearby village. We found the nice bookshop rumoured to be there, and bought a couple of books. A nice typical English village, really. The food at the local pub was good enough, but too little.