The only baking I was supposed to do this christmas was cookiemen, or "kakemenn". For this I need "hjortetakksalt" called hartshorn, bakers ammonium powder, ammonium bicarbonate or any variation of those three. Despite it's many names, it seems to be impossible to get hold of it in the UK. It is available on the Internet through (not .uk) and some other sites, but none in UK. No pharmacies, health and herb stores, big supermarkets or any other we checked had it. Except for Boots. You can order it on their website. If you have a prescription from a doctor. And to a horrendous price. "Doctor, could you please prescribe me some cookies for christmas"? I tried to do it with baking powder and bicarbonate from soda, and that didn't work. I will give it another try with baking powder only, tomorrow. Or I'll just buy some shortcake instead.