Dancing with lions

The week after my parents visited became somewhat busy. Tollef was in Dallas at a Ubuntu Development Summit (UDS), and Odin and I were on our own. On Friday evening, I went to the train station to get my cousin Arnstein, coming from Bath together with two of his friends to look after Odin in the weekend. Early Saturday morning I went to Gloucester, or more specifically Bishop's Cleeve outside Cheltenham (with the soccer team and the racecourse) to a lindy hop workshop with two of the best lindy hop dancers in the world, Ryan and Jenny. Among the other teachers were also Duncan and Louise from Plymouth and the local organisers, Gary and Sara Boon. It was a wonderful weekend where I had lots of fun and learned a lot!

On Monday, Tollef returned from Dallas, and we both had a few quiet days to relax. I got most of the weekend off, so on Saturday we decided to go to Cotswolds Wildlife Park", a zoo not far from Oxford. On our way there on Saturday morning, we drove over Swinford Toll Bridge, which claimed the whole amount of 5p for our passage. That is a little less then 0,50 kr. We had a good laugh after passing that one.

The zoo was a very nice one. We watched the penguins being fed, and walked through the "Madagaskar walk" with a lot of different kinds of lemurs jumping around all about us, not being very shy at all. We also saw some huge rhinos, wolves, pygmy sheep and goats, lions and leopards, and a lot of other more and less exotic animals. Contrary to the weather forecasts we had blue skies and sun all day, even though it was very cold. But the train that normally went through the whole park was off this weekend, so we kept warm enough walking in the park, with some inside breaks.

Next weekend, Tollef's mother Hanne comes to visit, and we look forward to that.