Leo and Coventry

Time flies when one's having fun and the sun shines.

Coincidenses made it so we didn't have any more dogs from Barking Mad for a while. The week after Easter (when most English people still have holidays) we had Leo staying with us, a small Working Spaniel. Odin was bullying him a bit from the start, but after a couple of days they were the best friends, running and playing together in the fields and at home. Leo had to lose a bit of weight, so we used the exceptional good weather and had long walks every day. When we were not outside, Leo laid on the sheepskin beside me in the sofa.

On Saturday I had a day off, and we decided to go to Coventry to see the cathedral, which is supposed to be exceptional. Having seen a lot of old and grand cathedrals, I was a bit sceptical that a post-war one could really be that grand. The cathedral is build right beside the ruins of the old one that was bombed to pieces in WWII, and it actually is very impressive. Apart from the cathedral, there is not much particular about Coventry, but it is a very nice city for shopping and just walking the city centre. After having done just that (mostly the latter part), we got the dogs and walked to a nice park, where we relaxed in the sun for a while. It was really warm, and it showed on the dogs as well. Reminding us the importance of bringing enough water everywhere we go, and to park in shadowy places.