Thame Country-Faire

The Saturday before Easter I was on TringCon, a one-day board game convention in Tring, not far from Oxford. On my way to and back from there, I saw signs for the Thame Country Fair that was taking place in the Easter Weekend. On Easter Monday I had a day off, and we decided to take Odin and go there.

Country-Fairs appears to be big things for all the family. There were fun-rides for children of all ages, and stalls with sweets, ice cream, strawberry with cream(!), bakery and a lot of things. The whole faire ground was parted in to different areas for dog activities, hunting, fishing, crafts, food, equestrian, falconry and fun fair. Along all the areas there were sales booths selling equipment for most of the mentioned areas of interest, and even a rabbit- and a hamster-display. We got to se mounted games, horse-logging, hunting bird displays, pony driving, ferrets, lurcher racing and terrier racing. We put Odin on a terrier race, but he just ran off with one of the others to play. There were so much to see and do, that we didn't get to see half of it in the time we spent there. There will definitely be another country faire on our schedule.