Warwick castle

When Tollef came home from the last day of the diving course, he said we should go to Warwick castle, since they had been driving past Warwick and it looked very nice. I had the Sunday off, so we decided to make it a daytrip. Sunday morning it rained cats and dogs, and there were several accidents on the main roads. Fortunately we were not in any of them, and shortly after we came to Warwick castle the weather cleared up.

Warwick is one of the oldest still-standing castles in England, and I expected it to be very interesting. Unfortunately it is owned and commercialised by the Tussaud Group, so it is made a bit of an amusement-park, but it was really not bad for being one. There were good presentations of Richard Neville the Kingmaker, a Royal Weekend Party from the 1800s, a trebuchet-demonstration, a falconry display and of course for the occasion, a Halloween Haunted Hollows-walk. The last one was really scary. We've seen some falconry-displays now, and seem to learn new things every time.

After walking in and around the castle for some hours, we took our newly aquired dragon (the sweetest ever!) and had lunch on the Tudor Inn, before we went home.