Sightseeing Oxford

I had both Saturday and Sunday off this week, and we decided to discover Oxford, as we haven't really done that yet. After deciding to skip Oxford castle we walked through the Covered Marked and to the museum area. There we took our time in the Museum of Natural History and the Pitt Rivers Museum which is inside the first one.

After the museums we were hungry, ended up on O'Neill's, and had their absolutely delicious chocolate fudge cake for dessert. Then we walked through the city centre and did a little shopping, before we did the last museum of the day, Oxford Museum. It was nice to learn about the history of Oxford; a very interesting history as well.

On Sunday, our plan about walking the Wittenham Clumps almost was spoiled by the bad weather, but it cleared up and we had a nice walk in the afternoon. A very nice weekend, and we know a little more about the place we actually live.