The last day in England

So is it here. It feels really weird, and I am really sad.

The last few weeks have been quite busy. Giving away things we don't want to bring back. Trying to get in touch with the agent or landlord for the house did appear to be an easy task. The landlord is regularly travelling to South Africa, he was there when we moved here, and again when we are leaving. After a week of emailing and phoning, we finally got hold of the agent, who promised to call us back, but never did. When I called the office again, two days later (after Tollef called the day before, and had a message left for him that it was urgent -again), the agent had gone on holiday! After a lot of phoning, I finally got the mainentance guy to contact another guy who is somewhat involved in the letting, and could squeeze in a short meeting at the house to go over it and pay the deposit. There, we had to talk to the actual landlord on the phone (which he answered, to my surprise) about the deposit, that he meant was a month and a half, not two, as the contract stated and we actually paid. He trusted my word (and the contract) though, so we got the whole deposit back, save from the rent for the last month.

Last Monday, we made a short trip to Bristol and Swindon. First, we got some things for a friend of mine that is moving back to Norway. It was a bit more than originally planned, but we managed to get it all in the car, and continued to Swindon to leave some leftover things for my cousin. Back home, we "only" had the job of sorting out what we needed for the two weeks until the moving company arrives in Norway, and what we should just throw away. Selling the car also didn't go easily. I dropped by a couple of car dealers, but they didn't want to give me much for it, so I tried privately. Daniel had offered to sell the car for me if I didn't get rid of it, but today, the last day before going back to Norway, I sold it to another car dealer, quiet cheap. It felt kind of good to get done with it, at the same time it was the last thing to get in place before I was all free and ready to go back, and I don't want that just yet.

Tollef and Odin left on Friday, because dogs aren't allowed to fly in weekends, appearantly. And then it was practical for Tollef to go the same day to be there when Odin arrived. Luckily the flight and all went well. As the house was transferred on Friday, I am staying on Denton house for the last two nights. It's easier, both because I don't have a car any longer, and my employer is away tonight and tomorrow, so I will have to look to the horses a bit more than usual. The last thing I'll do before going to the airport is taking the horses in and feed them in the afternoon.

There's a lot of last times. I went to the city centre for the last time, with it's old buildnings and currently quite full with tourists. I had a last milkshake in my favourite milkshake bar, before I took the bus back to Denton. I have walked Elsa, the house labrador, for the last time over the beautiful fields. I will miss the animals, people and the atmosphere here so much. I always thought I couldn't live on the countryside, but this year makes me think I might enjoy it. And I will definitely be back here, some time.