I'm a harpist! After seeing the harpist in York, Tollef noticed a harp in a local music store there, and said "it's not that expensive". I thought that I might give it a try then. After some research it appeared to be more expensive to get a decent harp, but by then I had decided to give it a go. We went to Cardiff and looked at harps, I tried out a handful of them, and found one that suited me quite well. I got it just before Easter, and have already had a couple of lessons and been to a harpist's night.

It is very easy to get nice sounds out of a correctly tuned harp. As a pianist the concept of playing a harp is quite easy to learn, the tuning itself not so much. The harp is the most sensitive instrument I've touched so far when it comes to tuning the strings, and I still have some training to do when it comes to that. A digital chromatic tuner, that gives me the tones by their frequency, helps a lot. Another challenging part is to get the techniques for playing the strings efficient and correctly, not having your fingers sabotaging the sound while rambling around on the search of the right strings to pull.

I try to play daily, and is less lost behind a harp than I was a month ago. Sound and pictures will be coming!